Artist's Statement

I have always known there is power in art and power in art-making. I found more than enough supporting evidence training and working as an art therapist. I discovered a fascination with the raw creativity I witnessed emerging from people who claimed they "couldn't draw" or "couldn't make art". When all the layers of self-consciousness were peeled away and they got involved in creating, they discovered empowerment in the process of creating. The product was a bonus and the trick was setting aside  what they believed their drawing "should" look like.  I, too, have to trust my instincts and consciously shed the beliefs that society has impressed on me in order to produce an honest painting. Some days the struggle is harder than others and it is easy to be lured into believing the final result is more important than the process of creating it. 


You can read about my struggles and triumphs during the creative process at my blog.

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